Monday, July 8, 2013

Top Career Options After 12th- Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of our series of blog post on top career options after 10+2 in India. This blog post gives you a brief insight into some more exciting career options. In case you missed the first part, you can read it here. So are you ready? Lets go.

Fitness trainers: 
The job of a fitness trainer has become one of the fashionable career options thanks to today’s hectic lifestyle. A fitness trainer plays a crucial role to keep people motivated to stay fit and healthy. A certified trainer has a lot of demand everywhere. A career as a fitness trainer is quite a well paid job. In fact if you gain some popularity, then you can even start on your own fitness programs after gaining some experience.
top career options after 12th
Some of the institutes that offer fitness trainer courses in India are:
Indian Academy of Fitness Training
Keleven Fitness Academy
Gold’s Gym Fitness Institute

Remember the popular “Hamara Bajaj” AD. Even after so many years people remember it. You wished you could also make something like it. The good news is that advertising offers you that chance. Although this is an incredibly challenging field yet creatively it is a very satisfying career options. If you are one of those who are bored with routine work and need a new challenge ever new day, then this could be your calling. 
top career options after 12th
Ranging from television advertising to print advertising to internet advertising, a person working in this domain needs to be good at all types of advertising.. So if you think you have got that spark to create that next popular punch line that will be remembered for years to come, then this is your calling. 

The advertising courses in India are offered by:
National Institute of Advertising, Delhi
Xavier's Institute of Communications, Mumbai
Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmadabad
Indian Institute of Mass Communication, Delhi

Career counselor: 
Career counseling is one of the exciting career options today. With so many degree and diploma courses on offer, it becomes difficult for a fresh pass out to choose a suitable career. This is where a career counselor comes in. A career consultant is expected to have good aptitude to judge a prospective client and recommend an appropriate career. It requires a certain amount of self confidence.
top career options after 12th

You can become a certified career counselor which will make people trust you more. The following institutes offer a certification program that will help you become career counselor.
National Council of Educational Research & Training, New Delhi
Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla
Bharathiar University, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

Final Word:
The dynamic nature of today’s job market has lots to offer with people with different capabilities and skill sets. It is just matter of realizing one’s true potential and choosing the best options. 

Top Career Options After 12th- Part 1

Gone are the days when the only career options after 10+2 were either Engineering or Medicine or Commerce. The booming economy has opened new and never heard before career vistas for youngsters who do not want to go the traditional career path. This blog post deals with some of the most happening and rewarding career options for such students. 

Media and Entertainment:-

It is undoubtedly one of the most happening and hip career options in today’s job market. The filed offers unlimited growth opportunity and rewards equally well. If you are having an inclination towards creativity then this is the field to be in. Be it movies or TV or event management, you are sure to find something to fit in. 

But as they say no pain no gain. Behind all the glamour and glitz of these entertainment media jobs lie hours and even days of hard work. So be prepared to work hard and long hours.
career options after 12th


Some of the best known institute that offer media courses are:

·         Convergence Institute of Media, Management and Information Technology Studies (COMMITS)

·         International School of Business and Media


The hospitality sector has seen tremendous growth thanks to the advent of globalization. People now have more spending power. This has led to a booming tourism sector in India. People are now keener to explore new places. Hence a career in this sector makes for a very good career option. 
career options after 12th
If you are one of those who love making people feel at home and make their stay memorable, then this certainly is an option you must seriously consider.


Some of the best hotel management colleges in India are:
·         Oberoi Centre of Learning and Development (Delhi)

Social Media Executive:-

Internet has become an indispensible part of modern day lives. It is this very reason that many companies are heading towards online space to reach out to their existing and potential customers. This has given rise to need of specialized role of social media executive who can help companies achieve their goals. The duties of social media experts include planning, executing and monitoring online campaigns of a company.

career options after 12th
Although this is a very recent career option, still it has emerged as one of the hottest ones. This is one of the safest career options for the future. As of now there are not many institutes that offer social media courses in India. 

In fact this is one of those jobs where you will learn more with experience rather than bookish knowledge. But still there are some private institutes run by people experienced in this field. You will need to do some research online to find them. 

There are other career options too that we explore in part 2 of this blog post. You can read it here